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the Jezebel = ID equation: Climate Change As Intelligent Design Enacted

November 17, 2011

1. The Jezebel = ID equation

Section 2 is a narrative featuring God Almighty. As a function of your belief system, such narratives you will treat positively or negatively, depending further on contents and perceived origin of the text. For instance, you may be an atheist and only agree to narratives featuring God Almighty if they form good satire. Or you may be of the sort of faithfuls who only agree to narratives featuring God Almighty if they can be shown to fit excerpts from some specific sacred book or compilation.

This narrative claims God Himself changes the climate to teach Transformism to the most ignorant. Transformism is a strategical component of Evolution Theory that many evolution deniers find acceptable because it is or can be made compatible with a Creator God who made us. It is the notion that species transform into each other and that all descend from a common ancestor. The theory of Intelligent Design (ID) marries Transformism to God by asserting such transformations follow God’s Will and Designs. The promoters/inventors of ID would have ID exposed in schools as an alternate explanation of Transformism that may replace Darwin’s explanation or more generally Evolution Theory.

The real problem with ID is that it doesn’t mind its own business. 

What business can ID have to dispute the interpretation of what it admits as fact, in the name of protecting the faith of people who deny the fact?

What’s more worrisome is that the trench war against science over anthropogenic climate change gets inspiration from the similar attitude exemplified over evolutionary biology by the “intelligent design” movement. In other words, ID didn’t teach what it should to its real flock, and lead others to teach to it, what they should not. The narrative aims to rectify the situation and to bring an end to the said “trench wars against science”.

2. Climate Change Is Intelligent Design Enacted

 Summary:  God wants sunny cruises to be offered to His heart’s darlings while they check with their own eyes, that a species of seagull transforms into another.

How does this come to be? God locates the current range of his most faithful followers in the Bible Belt. But He regrets that most of them deny anybody ever saw a species change into the other. The time has come for the faithful – even evangelicals from Texas or Alabama – to discover that observing such a transformation is possible to man. Just by watching seagulls. This task, though, is currently somewhat difficult to repeat in person for the Westerner accustomed to comfort. Because it requires to go around the Arctic Ocean. And the latter cruise isn’t the easiest – since the Arctic Ocean cultivates a habit to freeze over since times immemorial.

The Almighty really takes it to heart, though, that His most preferred adepts open their eyes. He therefore decided to warm up the Arctic. The Arctic mind you, not the whole Earth – except as a side effect. God warms the Arctic so that His beloved can finally see with all the amenities needed, how one species becomes another. More precisely species of seagulls: for the faithful to observe with binoculars while lying on deck basking in the sun.

What is the exact purpose of God there? He wants His most beloved worshipers to learn that, contrary to what they generally believe, the Almighty has the might to create a distinct species by doing nothing – nothing but repeatedly changing by a trifle, a first species that serves as a starting point. Rather than starting from scratch. Just as Apple engineers enjoy doing with Mac models.



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